Friday, November 6, 2009

2 days till shoot!!!

Hello friends,

Doesn't that look pleasant? It's a key location throughout the shoot. 3rd generation farming home. Just beautiful. I believe we'd have a whole new perspective on family if we were born in the house our grandparents bought. Now sleep in their bedroom, and run their property (which is now yours). Imagine seeing your granddad plant a Jacaranda tree when you were 5, and then getting to enjoy it's flowers and shade 60 years on. Imagine cooking dinner for your grandchildren in the same house you had your own first birthday party. Really special. I love it.

Melrose Place HQ is looking like the real deal now. Dozens of cars, Make-up  / Wardrobe trucks, and just a few empty beer bottles from last nights welcoming drinks. Everyone's here and It finally dawned on me just what a big deal this is. Very humbling actually. 40 talented people all here for the one reason. Can not wait to get shooting now. We feel ready. Big shout out to my Couz Jo Davis, who arrived last night from the UK. Has come all the way here to produce our EPK, AKA our "Behind The Scenes" video and press related interviews with cast & crew. Awesome to have him here.

Next week is a biggie, hit the ground running and it's go, go, go. About 11 locations . Filming multiple sequences that will form part of the First Act. Forecast is for 40 degrees, so it's going to be hot as a fire cracker on the road. Got to embrace it though. I think we'll see it on screen and that's a very good thing. I remember noticing just how steamy it looked in The Proposition. Really complimented the film. Love that movie actually. 

Rachael and Alex are working their butts off in workshops and reads -- their commitment has been outstanding. A few more lessons and rehearsals this weekend and we're ready to go!

If you haven't joined already, come on down: Facebook & Twitter... Summer Coda website coming very soon too.

Ricky : )

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