Tuesday, November 3, 2009

5 days till shoot!!!

Hello friends,

Um. I won't comment on those photos. I didn't even know they were being taken.

Worked on script yesterday. I never would have imagined we'd do so many passes on it. Working closely with my script editor and lady friend Michele has been so important. Now that we're standing in each location, little things change, moments can be improved and the script needs adjusting. Characters shift as well, actors bring lots to the table and opinions change. I really love the collaboration. Although I desperately wanted to make this film a few years back, it quite simply would not have been as good. The screenplay is now ready. And it's gonna rock!

Rachael Taylor arrives today and I need to find a new phrase other than "I'm excited". But I am. That's what I am and how else could I describe it? Maybe: Rachael arrives today and "I'm pumped" (too physical), Rach arrives today and "I'm stoked" (too surfy), RT arrives and I'm "ready to rock n roll" (tosser). I'm going to stick with EXCITED.

RT goes straight into more violin lessons (she must be hating me), wardrobe fittings and script reads. With just FIVE DAYS till we shoot, it's full steam ahead! Speaking of Full Steam, have you heard that new David Gray song with the same title? The one with Annie Lennox. L O V E  I  T!
I've been cruising through the citrus blocks in my little Fiat with the volume up LOUD. Locals shout: "Hey! There's that (insert sexual reference) guy with the stupid car and the tosser music!".

Speaking of wardrobe, got to see Alex's entire line up yesterday. Oh god is that a good feeling. Seeing the character evolve through their costumes. Those visuals have been stuck in my head for so many years, to finally see them for real has been a little surreal. Loving it!

Ricky : )

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