Sunday, December 20, 2009

Shoot Day 31

Hello friends,

Here's some fab pics from shoot and the inaugural "Carn Cup" wrap party. The cup consisted of about 15 special events: From pool volley ball, to "the unridable ride" to musical statues to "how low can you go Limbo". A massive success!!!!

 Pic #1. Greg and Steve shooting on a Saturday AGAIN for me. Love em.

Pic #2. These are the ladies of the Carn Cup. Fancy dress pool wrap party to die for. Flamingo had best seat in house. Poolside baby.

Pic #3. The prize table at the Carn Cup. May not seem like much, but look closer and you will discover some collectable gold! Critics say they were the best prizes ever awarded at a wrap party.

Pic #4. A closer look at the Carn Cup bounty.

Pic #5. The dress code was "Retro Pool Party". But anything stupid was allowed in.

Pic #6. Unit leader & MC Tony doing his best Bill Murray "The Life Aquatic" impersonation.

 Pic #7. DJ Wi-Fee and that girl from Wolf Creek dance up a storm!

We partied hard for 2 days and sent Mildura off in style, but now we're back in Melbourne for one last shoot day. Then we're off to Nevada after a short Christmas break. Yah!

Thank-you so much for all your happy kind thoughts and wishes. I'll keep the blog going right through post all the way to premiere!

Love you guys,

Ricky : )

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Shoot Day 30

Hello friends,


Can't believe it's coming to an end -- but it's really just the beginning for our little baby. So many beautiful contributors, so little time to thank -- although I'll be doin my darn best to thank everyone at our 3 separate wrap parties! The first is TONIGHT -- then we have a retro pool party tomorrow called "The Carn Cup" (Melrose HQ is actually a superb little serviced apartment complex called The Carn Court). AND THEN perhaps a few spritzers and wine coolers in Melbourne too on Monday night.

That's not to say the crew and I like a drink -- Actually, it is to say the crew and I like a drink, because we do!

The weather has tested us, but the crew's commitment and awesome performances have never wavered.

Today we say goodbye to Alex Dimitriades. We have a further shoot with him in Nevada, but that's not for a little while. He's been a standout and a professional. Writing this film when I was 23 I couldn't of imagined a better actor in the role. He's a champion. Thx Mate.

Much love to all and much more soon,

Ricky : )

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Shoot Day 28

Hello friends,

Well just 3 days left of shooting before we head to Nevada in late Jan. It's scorching here again! 44 degrees at the sand hills just outside of Wentworth yesterday. My shoes melted again. Dang. Man, Dunlop volleys look cool, but I perhaps should have selected substance over style today.

Somehow my pale Irish skin has managed to stay un-burnt throughout entire shoot. Long sleeve shirts and ridiculous hats have proven crucial. Hurts me in the respect stakes (the wide brimmed hats), but I was never gonna be able to maintain that for 7 weeks anyway (respect that is).

As the shoot in Mildura winds down my thoughts begin to move to post production. CANNOT WAIT to get into that edit suite. My man Gary has been cutting up a storm already, but there's just nothing like air conditioning and toasted sandwiches when you've been sweating your ass off in the sweltering sun for two months. Not to say that Gaz has a cushy job - FAR FROM IT -- I'm just saying the working conditions down at Tide in Port Melbourne are a little more relaxed. Pimms and lemonade anyone?

We basically have 4 months to cut, sound mix and finish the picture to film. Can not wait. And can't wait to show you all --  Could not be prouder of what we've achieved. I've said it before, but working with this fab crew and brilliant cast is a dream come true.

Off to Stefano's restaurant now to film the key romantic scene in the film. Rachael and Alex have been preparing for this one for quite a while now -- and I've been thinking about it for 6 years! Wish us luck.

Btw champions: join our mailing list on Summer Coda official website -- As we head into post, it'll be the best place to get info. Our Summer Coda Facebook page is up and running too.

Lots of love,

Ricky : )

Friday, December 11, 2009

Shoot Day 25

Hello friends,

Heading out filming again today.  6 day week, but we're soooo close to finishing it seems crazy not to push on through the weekend. Well, I think it seems crazy, but the crew think I'M CRAZY, so they'll just be a few of us today. We're so close to the finish line it's quite surreal. Rach and Alex are coming out this arvo for some cool car shots we've been planning, which will be fun I think. Again, crew and my own definition of "fun" is VERY different, especially when it comes to filming on the weekend!

We completed our last day at our key location yesterday. Very sad to see it go. Michael's house. Phenomenal 3rd generation farming property set on oranges and vines. Looks like a fairy tail actually, or a location from a Robert Redford film. Both things I'm over-the-moon about.

Next week we're filming with Jacki Weaver. Another dream come true. My fam arrives tomorrow in time for a major rushes screening tomorrow night. Melrose HQ will be buzzing with last week excitement and overflowing with Mildura Brewery beer. Oh god, that's one sponsor I never get sick of plugging.

Had a good few brews with our fab sound dept last night. Love working with these guys. Dean and Andy are awesome -- particularly when they call upon a farmer's shotgun to frighten away an owl that wouldn't stop hooting during takes! Seriously. Special mention to local boom Tone too, who we couldn't have done without.

Massive shout out to our Production Manager Virginia, who's been working 7 day weeks for the last 8 weeks. She's not alone either. Such tremendous support from such a dedicated team. The proof will be in the pudding.

I'm now hungry. Mmmmmm, pudding.

Ricky : )

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Shoot Day 23

Hello friends,

Today's a biggie. Some major romantic sequences and Heidi (Rachael Taylor) plays the violin for Michael (Alex Dimitriades) too. Rach has been in lessons for months now -- bloody hard work. But she can play for real now, and her progress has been outstanding. Our composer has come back from the UK for the scene too, so we're set to go.

With just 8 shooting days left I'm already missing the film. So many sequences and even a whole act in the can now. Feels fantastic, but also sad to see scenes that we've planning for so many years come and go. Couldn't be happier with them though. Wouldn't change a thing. Marvellous performances and a stellar crew working so hard to make it happen.

As exhausting as the process is, it's the best thing I've ever done in my life. Everyday there's some new little miracle to make me smile. Loving it.

Pic 1. Michele and our cuz Jo Davis (Behind-the-scenes producer and stuntie for a day)

Pic 2. Our Unit King, Tony. The ultimate on-set barometer.

 Pic 3. Our motley crew in red gum city. From the look of things, the boyz have just asked me to go jump in the river.

Pic 4. A Mildura rooftop in all it's glory. LOVE IT here.

Much love,

Ricky : )

Friday, December 4, 2009

Shoot Day 20

Hello friends,

Last night we said goodbye to our fabulous supporting cast: Cassandra Magrath, Angus Sampson, Nathan Phillips, Daniel Fredriksen and Pacharo Mzembe. What a brilliant 2 weeks of scenes we had with them: Picking oranges, lunching under avocado trees,  parties and swimming in the Murray river. Will miss them so much.

We've had a move to our key location "Michael's House" (Michael played by Alex Dimitriades) and it'll both be rejuvenating and rewarding to shoot at the same location for the next 7 days. Multiple location moves on hot, hot days takes it out of everyone, and Michael's House is a stunning oasis amongst vineyards and citrus, so we just can't wait.

Rachael and Alex have some major scenes next week, as we head into pivotal drama sequences. The pair have real chemistry and it's been exciting to watch their relationship unfold on camera.

Can't wait to show you all.

Big shout out to our UNIT GODS Tony and Pat who give us sooooo much and bring such a quality vibe. Not to mention the General Magee and 2nd AD James Short: On time and on schedule. And to our Safety Supervisor and Stunt Coordinator champion Reg Roordink. These are his pics. The man has a heart the size of Mildura and it's been an absolute pleasure.

Pic 1. That's our courageous steadicam man AJ with our man-of-steel key grip Craig Dusting.

Pic 2. That's our river setting down at Apex Beach (if you squint you can see our fab cast).

Pic 3. That's Kanga Lou (Art Director) and my darling wife Michele (Script Editor, Dramaturge)

Pic 4. Our FEARLESS CREW!!!! (and a couple of stars too) Champions all. Honourable mention to absentees: Emma Fletcher (Production Designer goddess) and Virginia Kay (our all conquering Production Manager), King Pin Producer (Marc Goldenfein) Natalie Miller, James Hoppe and wiz-kid Jamie Bialkower. 

Pic 4. That's twilight with Gregoire Devore (DOP) and focus puller Steve "I'll get sharps wide open with no rehearsal at sunset" Bailey.  

Pic 5. And that's the man himself:  Reg "lets stop talkin' about it and shoot it" Roordink.

Much love,

Ricky : )

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Shoot Day 18

Hello friends,

Well our time at the orange grove came to an end. Here's some pics of the fun we had. An amazing week.

More soon! Big party scenes tonight and tomorrow. Can't wait.

Ricky : )