Monday, November 2, 2009

6 days till shoot!!!

Hello friends,

So it took Dimitriades like 30 seconds to win over Lady Lemon. When I said we were going to Orange World to pick up some fruit, I didn't mean literally! And Avocado doesn't even look that jealous anymore. He's into it! That's Star power and that's what happens. And now I'm just a shrinking violet. I let her know though: "Hey! I'm standing right here Lemon!". But she didn't answer. Too busy devouring Alex's hand-peeled pieces of the most succulent orange you've ever tasted.  Although to me, it was bitter sweet.

I digress... Alex jumped head first into all things citrus, and it's awesome to see the commitment. Great to finally be hanging with our actors. Today, Melbourne Cup Day, we're off to do a script read, followed by a piano lesson, followed by the blocking of a few key scenes.

Greg's graded camera tests arrive today, so tonight we'll scrutinise what worked best and determine the exact time-of-day we need to shoot to nail Day-for-Night shots too.

Just a shorty today as I'm still a bit cut up over the Lemon. My lovely wife arrives tomorrow though, so I'm gonna head back to Orange World and feed Michele grapes RIGHT IN FRONT of the Loose Lemon. Screw citrus, I've turned to the vines.

Ricky : (

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