Thursday, November 5, 2009

3 days till shoot!!!

Hello friends,

Crew arrive today! About 25 champions and our shooting team will almost be complete. The weather's starting to scorch again, just in time for our road sequences on Monday.  Ouch. Thank God there's a pool here at Melrose Place HQ.

Today we go through schedule with our main man Magee (1st Assistant Director). Make sure week 1 is properly prepared and double check the timings. So crucial we start well, and from what I can see the schedule is a cracker. Trying our best to shoot as chronologically as we can. Makes it easier to gauge the overall character arc, but also much better for performance I think. Also great to see the relationship of our two leads evolve and not jump around all over the place. It can only benefit the film.

Had a magical day yesterday exploring locations with Rachael and Alex. Alex had some tractor training and as you can see, he's a natural. That tractor's over 50 years old, and we chose it over newer models. It will certainly be talked about in the Farmer's shed tonight...

Shiny new John Deere tractor will be like: "Hey, you hear Dimitriades was riding old Massey?" New fork lift would have grumbled back: "What he want with such an old tractor? We da ones with the moves."  John Deere would shrug jealously as Fork Lift sulked and shifted the dirt at his feet. ...All the while old Massey would sit proudly in the dark at the back of the shed. She hadn't been used in years, but deep down she new she was special. And now she'll be a key prop on a feature film set. She still got it. Never lost it.

Ricky : )

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