Friday, December 4, 2009

Shoot Day 20

Hello friends,

Last night we said goodbye to our fabulous supporting cast: Cassandra Magrath, Angus Sampson, Nathan Phillips, Daniel Fredriksen and Pacharo Mzembe. What a brilliant 2 weeks of scenes we had with them: Picking oranges, lunching under avocado trees,  parties and swimming in the Murray river. Will miss them so much.

We've had a move to our key location "Michael's House" (Michael played by Alex Dimitriades) and it'll both be rejuvenating and rewarding to shoot at the same location for the next 7 days. Multiple location moves on hot, hot days takes it out of everyone, and Michael's House is a stunning oasis amongst vineyards and citrus, so we just can't wait.

Rachael and Alex have some major scenes next week, as we head into pivotal drama sequences. The pair have real chemistry and it's been exciting to watch their relationship unfold on camera.

Can't wait to show you all.

Big shout out to our UNIT GODS Tony and Pat who give us sooooo much and bring such a quality vibe. Not to mention the General Magee and 2nd AD James Short: On time and on schedule. And to our Safety Supervisor and Stunt Coordinator champion Reg Roordink. These are his pics. The man has a heart the size of Mildura and it's been an absolute pleasure.

Pic 1. That's our courageous steadicam man AJ with our man-of-steel key grip Craig Dusting.

Pic 2. That's our river setting down at Apex Beach (if you squint you can see our fab cast).

Pic 3. That's Kanga Lou (Art Director) and my darling wife Michele (Script Editor, Dramaturge)

Pic 4. Our FEARLESS CREW!!!! (and a couple of stars too) Champions all. Honourable mention to absentees: Emma Fletcher (Production Designer goddess) and Virginia Kay (our all conquering Production Manager), King Pin Producer (Marc Goldenfein) Natalie Miller, James Hoppe and wiz-kid Jamie Bialkower. 

Pic 4. That's twilight with Gregoire Devore (DOP) and focus puller Steve "I'll get sharps wide open with no rehearsal at sunset" Bailey.  

Pic 5. And that's the man himself:  Reg "lets stop talkin' about it and shoot it" Roordink.

Much love,

Ricky : )

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