Sunday, December 20, 2009

Shoot Day 31

Hello friends,

Here's some fab pics from shoot and the inaugural "Carn Cup" wrap party. The cup consisted of about 15 special events: From pool volley ball, to "the unridable ride" to musical statues to "how low can you go Limbo". A massive success!!!!

 Pic #1. Greg and Steve shooting on a Saturday AGAIN for me. Love em.

Pic #2. These are the ladies of the Carn Cup. Fancy dress pool wrap party to die for. Flamingo had best seat in house. Poolside baby.

Pic #3. The prize table at the Carn Cup. May not seem like much, but look closer and you will discover some collectable gold! Critics say they were the best prizes ever awarded at a wrap party.

Pic #4. A closer look at the Carn Cup bounty.

Pic #5. The dress code was "Retro Pool Party". But anything stupid was allowed in.

Pic #6. Unit leader & MC Tony doing his best Bill Murray "The Life Aquatic" impersonation.

 Pic #7. DJ Wi-Fee and that girl from Wolf Creek dance up a storm!

We partied hard for 2 days and sent Mildura off in style, but now we're back in Melbourne for one last shoot day. Then we're off to Nevada after a short Christmas break. Yah!

Thank-you so much for all your happy kind thoughts and wishes. I'll keep the blog going right through post all the way to premiere!

Love you guys,

Ricky : )

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