Thursday, December 17, 2009

Shoot Day 30

Hello friends,


Can't believe it's coming to an end -- but it's really just the beginning for our little baby. So many beautiful contributors, so little time to thank -- although I'll be doin my darn best to thank everyone at our 3 separate wrap parties! The first is TONIGHT -- then we have a retro pool party tomorrow called "The Carn Cup" (Melrose HQ is actually a superb little serviced apartment complex called The Carn Court). AND THEN perhaps a few spritzers and wine coolers in Melbourne too on Monday night.

That's not to say the crew and I like a drink -- Actually, it is to say the crew and I like a drink, because we do!

The weather has tested us, but the crew's commitment and awesome performances have never wavered.

Today we say goodbye to Alex Dimitriades. We have a further shoot with him in Nevada, but that's not for a little while. He's been a standout and a professional. Writing this film when I was 23 I couldn't of imagined a better actor in the role. He's a champion. Thx Mate.

Much love to all and much more soon,

Ricky : )


  1. Congratulations! Thanks for all the blogging and tweeting about it - great stuff :) Can't wait to see the finished product, whenever that may be...

  2. Thanks Jess! Over the moon. Around September next year it'll hit cinemas! Can't wait too. R xo