Friday, December 11, 2009

Shoot Day 25

Hello friends,

Heading out filming again today.  6 day week, but we're soooo close to finishing it seems crazy not to push on through the weekend. Well, I think it seems crazy, but the crew think I'M CRAZY, so they'll just be a few of us today. We're so close to the finish line it's quite surreal. Rach and Alex are coming out this arvo for some cool car shots we've been planning, which will be fun I think. Again, crew and my own definition of "fun" is VERY different, especially when it comes to filming on the weekend!

We completed our last day at our key location yesterday. Very sad to see it go. Michael's house. Phenomenal 3rd generation farming property set on oranges and vines. Looks like a fairy tail actually, or a location from a Robert Redford film. Both things I'm over-the-moon about.

Next week we're filming with Jacki Weaver. Another dream come true. My fam arrives tomorrow in time for a major rushes screening tomorrow night. Melrose HQ will be buzzing with last week excitement and overflowing with Mildura Brewery beer. Oh god, that's one sponsor I never get sick of plugging.

Had a good few brews with our fab sound dept last night. Love working with these guys. Dean and Andy are awesome -- particularly when they call upon a farmer's shotgun to frighten away an owl that wouldn't stop hooting during takes! Seriously. Special mention to local boom Tone too, who we couldn't have done without.

Massive shout out to our Production Manager Virginia, who's been working 7 day weeks for the last 8 weeks. She's not alone either. Such tremendous support from such a dedicated team. The proof will be in the pudding.

I'm now hungry. Mmmmmm, pudding.

Ricky : )

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