Wednesday, October 28, 2009

11 days till shoot!

Hello friends,

Lady Lemon and I had a sexy date at Stefano's restaurant last night. I'm waiting on my  lovely wife to arrive in Mildura, so I thought it best to lay a few jealousy traps -- you know, keep the Mrs keen on her slightly deranged hubby. Time will tell. Not sure this blog is helping.

Any who, had a JAM PACKED day of scheduling shot timings. Very hard really. Got to know exactly what you want and really visualise every frame of the film, so you can best utilise the available time on set. After storyboarding the entire film, you need to make those shots a reality.

It's a fine art really (if you can nail it) because the camera coverage in a feature film is one of the most important tools in telling your story. How many shots do you need to most effectively convey the scene? How do you frame the individual characters in relation to their personality? Does the camera lead the character, or does the character push the frame? So many crucial decisions. The majority of your audience might not think they can pick up on the intricacies, but they will sub-consciencely. My fav films have such distinctive styles, but that doesn't mean the camera work needs to be showy. But however simple, it must enhance the story. 

And so each day we'll film between 2.5 and 6 pages of screenplay. Maybe 7 to 10 scenes a day. We develop and determine an overall camera aesthetic and then break it down into 157 scenes. Other than the performance of the actors, it's my most important responsibility. And it's what I look for in a good film. Ace it, along with performance and a great screenplay and you're watching something very special. 

That's the goal!

Ricky : )

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