Saturday, October 31, 2009

8 days till shoot!

Hello friends,

40 degrees yesterday and 42 degrees today! Yikes. Good thing our trusty producer John is such a wilderness pro. Almost stepped on a Brown snake! By "stepped on" I mean: he was clearing the way for our crew, while initiating the appropriate safety plan. ; )

Johnny-boy kicked some serious butt at a poker tournament the other night. 2nd Prize = A bottle of scotch for the trophy cabinet aka crew reward cabinet. When one cannot afford to pay people as one would like to, one has found that alcohol sponsors keeps one's crew happy. And so Johnny and my other main man Marc will be pokering it up for the good of the crew, in the hope of filling our war chest. If this weather continues we're gonna need all the bribes (sorry leverage) we can get!

Marc, Greg and I had a sweet day yesterday. Blocked out a crucial pub pool-table scene that had been stressing us out. Sometimes you just have to get a camera out and film the sequence. I'm usually pretty good with visualising the shots, but when all else fails you just gotta get out the handycam and presto! Now feeling great about it. Marc's a gun at billiards, whereas Greg and I are more into ping pong, together (like Voltron) we made it work.

Alex Dimitriades arrives this arvo. Can't wait. There's nothing better than having your leading actors in town a good week before you start. We can really apply some process. Farming school is gonna be hard core in this heat, but as they said in The NeverEnding Story: It has to hurt if it's to heal!

Ricky : )

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