Friday, October 16, 2009

23 days till shoot

Hello friends,

Yep, I forgot The English Patient. My bad. But what would I delete to fit it in? Braveheart you say? Hmmm, our Costume Designer's father won an Oscar for that blue makeup, so I don't think it would be kosher. Probably not cool to say the word "kosher" when talking about Mel anyway. So we'll just stop talking about it.

Now, today (Saturday) is CREW DAY. All our loverly camera, sound, gaffer, grip, wardrobe, makeup, producers, production, art dept, safety, post and fluffers gather and talk about the film, and our forthcoming trip to Mildura. It's a time for everyone to meet everyone else and have a drink and determine whether they're actually going to get paid at some point. We serve more alcohol and soon all fears are forgotten.

Most importantly it's a time to say thank-you to all these awesome people for coming onboard, and I'll get a chance to provide a creative overview. Also an opportunity to show off our location stills, as well as some key props -- LIKE THE ONE ABOVE. How cool? '74 Ford LTD called "Woody". Wood Trim that's actually vinyl! So uncool it's gone full circle and become utterly cool again. Love it. We needed a U.S. 70s - 80s wagon for scenes in Australia as well as scenes in Reno, Nevada. So we were pumped to find this one in Mildura of all places. Can't wait to go cruising in that!

The attached vid is an extract from the first episode of Project Greenlight. It proved a massive help in getting Summer Coda up. Man, I was skinny then. Dressed better too. Oh well, still got the same passion. Not long till shoot now!


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