Friday, October 23, 2009

16 days till shoot!

Hello friends,

Today is a BIG day. Lots of ins and outs, ups and downs. Our hero car (pick which one) is travelling to Shepparton (another far away place) to be fitted out for it's custom caged A-frame. A very special rig that will allow for some cool angles. Our stuntman friend with the cool name "Clint" has now completed it. Meanwhile, I'm driving up to Mildura in my little Fiat 500 (yep, that funny one), which in retrospect is the most impractical thing I've ever bought. It was however used for a cooking series we produced recently, so I can't take all the blame. Probably just 99.5%. Makes me smile though.

In other news, It appears all my talks of cider sponsorship have paid off! But not in amber gold... IN AIR TRAVEL! Our new best friends at VIRGIN have committed to support our production. And we just LOVE them. Big thanks to our EP James for that one. Making a privately funded film is bloody hard and we've been blown away by the support we've received. Really amazing.

It's been such a long road and earlier this year we had given up. Seriously. Wasn't going to happen. Had so much going for us, but after 5 years and 3 semi-rejections (don't bother asking) from the funding bodies we were ready to pack it in. AND THEN AN AMAZING THING HAPPENED. My wife Michele and I watched Revolutionary Road. If you haven't seen it I wont ruin it for you, but needless to say it prompted me to make a life changing decision and just GO FOR IT.  Little over 5 months later and I'm heading up to Mildura -- less than 3 weeks away from making my first feature! Completely impossible without the kindness of strangers... and that one night on the coach watching a DVD. I think I'll write Sam Mendes a letter.

So cheers to our investors, Virgin and all our supporters... Now for those ciders. Come on Magners!


PS. Here's our new facebook site, and here's our tweets. it's follow time. : )

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