Saturday, October 10, 2009

29 days till shoot

Hello friends,

So I'm making a feature film, and a lot of crazy / fun stuff is going on, and the journey's a bloody exciting one. Thought it might be interesting to document / poke fun at along the way...

Wanted to start this blog with a month left till shoot, but like most things on this film, we're running a little late, but 2 days ain't bad.

Today was good. Finished shot list. 49 pages of shots that've been brewing for such a long time now. Lovely to imagine the camera moving at all the actual locations. Even lovelier to think of the actors performing the lines within those shots. "Lovely" is quite a feminine word, but I'm sticking with it.

Am thinking I should have made this film a long time ago. Know more now though, film will hopefully benefit. Have to keep pinching myself though -- Very very exited. Modest budget, but absolute cracker cast and crew. Important and beautiful story to tell, I think it could be great.

We're shooting in Mildura (Victoria, Australia) and Nevada both very lovely (there I go again) locations to film. Have grown to love the former in particular. Shooting there for 6 weeks will be bliss... He says not knowing what lay ahead.

Greg (DOP) went and met with Clint (stuntman) to start rigging our hero vehicle yesterday. Found a beautiful burnt orange F100 and they're designing an appropriate cage so we can film on some cool angles while we tow the vehicle. Their meet took place on a country highway halfway between Melbourne and Shepparton. That's the middle of nowhere. Tumble weeds and what have you. What a great place to meet a stuntman called CLINT to talk trucks. I like it.

More soon, in every sense.


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