Tuesday, October 20, 2009

19 days till shoot...

Hello Friends,

Just had a brilliant night with some of our cast,  so cool to talk to these guys about their characters.

Gave me a chance to catch up further with two of my absolute fav actors: Cassandra Magrath and Nick Farnell. Lovely people and so VERY talented. I've known Cassandra since my Momma was her on-set tutor on a TV series called Ocean Girl --  15 years ago! (we later went to high school together) And Nick is like Australia's answer to John C Reilly and I've been lucky enough to work with him on several projects. Nothing gives me more satisfaction than writing lines for these type of actors.

I got the chance to speak to a whole room of fab talent, let them know the backstory behind their roles and then sit back and watch as their wardrobe was fitted and adjusted. A very cool process watching their characters come alive.

Today I'm off to spend time with Jacki Weaver. She's got a fab part to play; A real sassy, cougar-type role, that I'm hoping she's really going to enjoy.

I have another pass to do on the ye ol' screenplay too. Must be the 700th, but well worth it. Working with the actors always provides a few more ideas. I'm starting to add those pretty coloured amendment pages now -- and if there's one thing that lets you know you're REALLY going to be making a movie -- IT'S THOSE AWESOME COLOURED PAGES! Hooray for them.


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