Wednesday, October 14, 2009

25 days till shoot

Hello friends,

That is not me. But it's good the word is getting out on the street. Actually, and embarrassingly, I'm getting told that there's some other Ricky Hollywood out there. Like some guy that slept with Sarah Palin's daughter. Ouch. That's not me and nor is that photo, but thanks for sending it in. I think.

Full crew day this weekend, and then cast read next week, which I'm super pumped about. Was talking wardrobe and colour in general today. Great book called If it's Purple Someone's Gonna Die. It's a cracker. If you like studying movies, you're gonna love it. We've been talking about costume / character / colour, and without sounding like a tosser (oops, too late), it reminded me of how serious I took this filmmaking caper at film school. I lived in a share house in Richmond, with four other cool VCA peeps, and we just talked film and drank wine. LIKE ANYTHING'S CHANGED. But it has, and reading books like that are cool for focusing. It's just good to be living film again.

Back then PTA was my king. Boogie Nights is probably the reason I'm making films today. Perfect blend of heart and wit. Love it. My number 1 film.

Here's a top ten to poke fun at. No particular order after No 1. What's yours?

1) Boogie Nights
2) Goodfellas
3) Heat
4) Magnolia
5) Fargo
6) Godfather 1
7) The Graduate
8) Eternal Sunshine
9) Being There
10) The Big Lebowski

If I was to be stranded by myself on an island and could take only 10 DVDs... With those I'd be a happy camper.


PS. Happiness pending the availability of an island DVD player and flat-screen TV.

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  1. In no particular order folks:
    1. American Beauty
    2. Donnie Darko
    3. Casablanca.
    4. Godfather 1 and 2
    5. or is that 6. Walk The Line
    6. The Deerhunter
    7. Double Indemnity
    8. Chinatown
    9. Blade Runner
    10. Gilda