Thursday, October 22, 2009

17 days till shoot!

Hello friends,

What you're seeing here might just be the filming of the first shot in Summer Coda. Not the first shot in the movie, but the first shot of official photography!

We snuck back out to the airport at dusk last night, and continued our "camera tests", where we just happened to peel off some TOP SHOTS of planes whistling in over our heads -- an important shot in the opening sequence of movie.

The smiling man in the top photo is our DOP Greg DeMarigny. He's smiling because we were VERY excited with what we were getting, and even more excited to be stealing a shot 17 days before production starts! That camera you see with him is the RED, as we've chatted about previously.

We also got to test for some important DAY FOR NIGHT shots: We're establishing exactly how dark it can be (through the lens) before it's too dark. Excuse me? For example, can we shoot night shots of a truck traveling down a highway at 5pm, and grade it dark enough to be convinced it looks like midnight? Why do we even bother with that? Because in the country when it's dark, it's jet black: There are no street lamps, buildings or many houses around, so the camera will see nothing but the truck's headlights coming through the night. If we shoot at 5pm and grade it dark, we'll still see the outline of the truck and the silhouettes of the trees on the horizon, which is far more pleasing to the eye. It's very simple of course, but you've gotta get it just right. So we must test how early we can start shooting for our DAY FOR NIGHT shots to appear at their best.

Tonight I must pack my bags for Mildura! Very exciting. Wont be home till almost Christmas. production team are moving up over the weekend. It's a 6.5 hour drive from Melbourne, but I got the mixed CDs all sorted High Fidelity style. I do love a road trip with good music. Allows my mind to switch off and onto the really important things: Performance, my shot list, cider.  I gotta say, I can't remember being happier. ...With the exception of the day I got married of course!

Ricky : )

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