Saturday, October 24, 2009

15 days till shoot!

Hello friends,

Arrived in Mildura safe and sound. I usually dread the 6.5 hour drive, but my mind was buzzing with thoughts -- so it went quickly. Singing along to The Boss always helps too (if you're driving solo anyway).

Zipped into town in my trusty Fiat 500 and had enough time to do a quick location scout, which included (and always seems to), our major Pub location in a small town called Merbein (see pics above). Quite a brilliant place, hasn't changed much since the 60s I imagine. The Publicans are lovely people who have only been leasing the pub for 8 months. Back then they were selling just THREE KEGS a week. They're now doing eight, so things are looking up. They've been nice enough to shut down the bar for us over the three day / nights we're shooting.  We've assured them their keg count will double after a few healthy crew nights.

Also drove out to the Peri sand dunes, which are just beyond Wentworth on the way out to Broken Hill. Magical place. Was there for sunset and the sandy ground glowed red, combined with the bright purple flowers of Patterson's Curse, it was spectacular. I love it out here.

Our Art Department (Emma and Lou) arrive tomorrow. THEY'VE DRIVEN FROM PERTH. If you think you've been on a long drive before, then google map: Perth to Mildura! OMG. They have been loving the trip though, have been swagging it under the stars. I'm more a hotel / metro man myself, but I can at least appreciate the attraction. Four day drive, what an adventure. Three different states, not many showers.

In Mildura our crew is staying in an attached bunch of serviced apartments. Living all together. It kinda has a broken down Melrose Place-type of vibe. Pool in the middle, big BBQ. Old school, but super clean. Amazingly gracious owners have allowed us the book out the entire establishment... Bring on the camaraderie!


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