Saturday, October 17, 2009

22 days till shoot

Hello friends,

Fantastic day yesterday. Whole crew got to mingle, drink, laugh and talk about the imminent trip to Mildura. We watched location stills and got to see the beginnings of our lead actor's wardrobe (Rachael Taylor, Alex Dimitriades). Everything just seems so tangible now, very exciting. In between violin lessons, Rachael's begun billiards training -- Cause she kinda has to kick ass at pool in a major sequence. Between becoming a classically trained violinist and knocking down the eight-ball to win big bucks, she's gonna be one well rounded leading lady!

Natalie Miller and Jamie Bialkower (our distributors) were at crew day, so we had a good chance to talk about media coverage, release dates and stills too. Poster shot talk is never far away and although it's too soon to think about it, that one image is soooo important it always creeps into my mind. We've been very lucky to have such great distribution support over the years. Roadshow backed the film for a long time, which helped us a great deal and now we have a tremendous commitment from Sharmill and Jump Street Films, which is obviously crucial when it comes to the release.

I love Mildura, let me say that load and clear. Beautiful place. It's on the north-western tip of Victoria. Cross the giant Murray river and you're in New South Wales. Head further inland for an hour and you're in South Australia. You're halfway to anywhere in Mildura and I think that's why the town's so special. It's so soooo much easier to film in the country than the city. Everyone is super keen to help out and be involved and their first questions are never "How much will you pay?" or "Have you got a permit to film there?" INSTEAD, it's "I know someone that can help you with that", or "Can I be an extra?". LOVE IT.

We've found some great crew in Mildura too. Would you believe, an amazing Standby Props from the UK was backpacking in the area when we were up location scouting. Perfect. Locked her in quick smart. We have a lot of Mildura expats too, now living in Melbourne that have put up their hands. Nothing like local knowledge and hoping it'll get us invited to a few family BBQs too.

I'm off to look for an old pinball machine now, and a juke box that still plays vinyl. Not really my department, but I love hunting for key props and what a nice way to spend a Sunday. Coffee first though. And eggs and bacon. Mmmmm. My head's a little foggy from all that crew camaraderie!


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