Tuesday, October 13, 2009

26 days till shoot

Hi friends,

Well, I had a Jesus joke all worked out for when I got to 12 followers, but as we've JUMPED up to 14 (with a bullet), it will no longer be funny. Probably less offensive this way anyway.

Speaking of the Lord, I took a lunch meeting with the Sheriff yesterday -- Mr Bryce Menzies. The Mayor of film legals in Australia, one of our Executive Producers and a major reason we're getting to make this bad boy. We sent the screenplay to Bryce about 5 years back, and after a fair few months of pestering him, he read it, loved it (he probably said "liked") and came onboard to help. ...Hmmm, Just realised he's gonna hate me saying this. I can already hear the screenplays stacking up on his desk! Never-mind, he's a good bloke. Bryce has been up and back to Mildura with our team and generally just giving us some legitimacy around the traps, which counts for a lot when the director gets about calling himself Ricky Hollywood.

Rumor has it Ricky Hollywood is in fact my SELF-appointed nickname. HOWEVER, I do seem to remember being called it by my fellow popcorn makers at Nova Cinema way back in the day... I worked at a fair few cinemas growing up. Nothing better for a film nerd. Used to love sitting up with the projectionist. Dying art that is.

Any who, camera tests went super swell and we head off to have a look at the results projected next week. Production Office is in full swing and Art Dept have been sourcing some fabulous props, including a Felix the cat clock with a ticking tail! OMG. Awesome. And more practical things likes chairs and cars and dogs and what-have-you -- I'm less interested, but I'm told "Just as important, Ricky".

Tomorrow we'll finalise a week of orange picking for our actors, in the lead up to the shoot. Very important they get acclimatised to the ins and outs of picking and just how crazy hot it can be in Mildura. We've got some very generous citrus farmers training our actors and also giving us rows upon rows of fruit to pick for the movie. We're also spending time in the most HILARIOUS place in Mildura: ORANGE WORLD. It's a must. If you do visit, say hello to the life-size lemon out the front. She's a real flirt. Seriously.

BTW, here's a link to our fab cast and crew. IMDB's taking it's sweet time to add Rachael Taylor's name. Maybe they don't believe me. Could be something to do with this self-appointed nickname. I'll look into it.


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