Sunday, October 11, 2009

28 days till shoot

Hello friends,

Today is accommodation day. The day film crew and cast accommo is finally sorted. 42 days, 32 crew, 3 hotels, 9 apartments...blah, blah, blah. Sounds boring doesn't it? Yep, that's what I think, so I'm staying clear of it.

What's more exciting is how this film came to be: I wrote Summer Coda (formerly Heidi, then When She Gets There) almost six years ago, and entered the screenplay into a competition called Project Greenlight. Did well, came second. No prizes for second though, although it is fun to tell people on a blog, and did secure me help with script development (oh god, so many drafts), and did indirectly land me some cool TV work, so mustn't grumble.

Any who, after getting so far in the comp we had real hope, so my producing pal Marc and I and our team of merry bandits (fund raising producers) set out to raise the budget, secure a distributor, sales agent, and start thinking about a wish-list cast. Two years went by and we'd finally landed a distributor, sales agent and a cool cast... But alas, the bandits and I did not receive the gold we required from government agencies (many mouths to feed in Mordor*), so we set about funding the picture another way...

The bandits and I (should just say the bandits, because I'm one too) took our shaking tins to the people of the land. The people enjoyed the screenplay, and slowly we began to raise the gold, but that's when we met the Sheriff!

...But more on that another day, because I have to escape an "urgent accommo meeting". Yikes.

Just quickly: What is also more exciting than accommo meetings is putting together storyboards with an application called Hitchcock. Life changing, because I CAN NOT draw. Not at all. My pictures look like the scratchings of a chicken's claw. Seriously. Chicken scratchings = no good. NG.


* Mordor = Australia (but only in reference to filmmaking)

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  1. Hey nothin wrong with chicken scratchins. They're the foundation of a quality arts degree :)